Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Kloster Blocks

This tutorial is for stitchers who have not done any kloster blocks before. These blocks of stitches form the basis of Hardanger Embroidery.

Use a small square of 14ct aida to practise; 4" x 4" is ideal. You will need to use Perle 5# (this is slightly too big for 14ct but will clearly show you how to form the stitches).

Use this chart to make a small diamond of kloster blocks

and this diagram to show you how to stitch. You will work clockwise round the diamond.
You need to keep your stitching in blocks being careful not to have diagonal stitches across the back when turning a corner or to come up the adjacent hole instead of the opposite side of the block.

This is how your stitching should look from the front.

and this is the correct back.
To cast on and off pass your thread under two stitches then back over one, repeat until you feel it is secure.

You should have 5 stitches per block on the front. You can have 3, 4 or 6 stitches on the back - do not worry this is correct so long as you have blocks and no diagonal or adjacent stitches.

This back is incorrect, there should be no diagonal at the top and the bottom left block has adjacent stitches which will come undone when cut.

Good luck with your kloster blocks.

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